Maple Syrup season is winding down.

I think maple syrup season is winding down for the year this week. The trees are showing buds and the forecast is for 60 this week and not below freezing at night.  We canned 28 quarts of completed maple syrup so far. I’m getting tired of boiling, I’ve been doing this for 3 weeks straight and still working m,y full time job. It has become less fun and more like work. Because of rain and snow I’ve not had enough dry wood always. It is challenging to keep a hot fire to keep up a full boil.

Completed Maple Syrup

This morning we completed 4 quarts of pure Maple Syrup. The early season maple syrup is very sweet with very little maple flavor. In fact it is so sweet you could almost use it as a sugar substitute. I use it in hot tea instead of sugar or honey. In order to get 4 quarts of syrup, I started boiling the maple sap on Tuesday evening and each evening for 3-4 hours the rest of the week and then for 10-12 hours on Saturday. Since the ratio of sap to syrup is 40 to 1, I boiled approximately 40 gallons of sap to get the 1 gallon of maple syrup.  It is a lot of effort but the reward is great. I can’t wait to try some on pancakes or hot oatmeal.


Maple Syrup update

It has been warm this week in MN. Too warm for March! while it may be nice weather for humans, maple trees like to wake up from winter slow. They like the days to be above freezing and the nights to be below freezing to get the most sap from the tree. It is what is called the “pumping” action of the freeze thaw cycle. I have started boiling my sap down to concentrate it into Maple syrup. I’ll explain how to do that on another page.